Letter: Speak now if you want the smaller trash tote

To the Editor:

This letter is to encourage the citizens of Milford to call or email the Public Works Department if they plan to choose the smaller of two new garbage totes that will be distributed free of charge to all homeowners by the end of October. It is urgent that you call the hotline: 203-701-4690 or email newgarbagebins@ci.milford.ct.us if you want the smaller tote.

Your choice is between a 96-gallon or a 48-gallon tote. If you don’t actively choose, you will receive the 96-gallon tote.

You must use these totes as they are designed for automatic pick-up trucks.

Now, if you are a good recycler, you will not need a 96-gallon tote, even if you are a family of three or four. Of course, there are those who will argue with this. However, you will also have delivered to you a list of the new, increased number of items that are now allowed in your 96-gallon recycling tote.

You may ask, “What will I do with all my old garbage cans?”

If you are so inclined and want to reduce your garbage, you can make holes in the bottom and some on the sides and you will now have your own composting bin. You will have good-as-gold soil by spring for your flowers and vegetables. You can use the second one for the leaves, which you can alternate into your composting bin which helps with any odor from your kitchen waste.

Or secondly, the mayor said that Winter Brothers will pick up your old garbage cans.

Good luck with your garbage reduction and increased recycling, which makes for decreased taxes.

Ann Berman

Recycling Task Force