Letter: Sign up for Affordable Care Act at local site

To the Editor:

The Affordable Care Act is good for Trump voters! Why?

— If you have a pre-condition, you won’t be turned down.

— If you’re poor, you can’t get any other health insurance as cheap.

— If you have work but don’t have health insurance through your job, you won’t go deeper in debt.

— If you have uninsured children under 26, you can cover them under your policy and help them when they need you the most.

— If you’re as rich as Trump's Cabinet members you’ll need the good karma.

Sign up today (or before the last day on Dec. 22) at the Margaret Egan Center, 35 Matthews St., Milford, near the intersection of Matthews St. and Naugatuck Ave., 203-783-3283.

I had hoped that Trump might come through for the lower classes but his proposed health care plans don't seem to improve things. And while I'm at it — where is the plan for rebuilding our infrastructure? I hold my breath before crossing one of those 65,000 U.S. broken bridges.

Barbara Milton