Letter: Separating and imprisoning families is inhumane

To the Editor:

For months, the Trump administration separated children from their parents to discourage families from seeking asylum in the United States.

Reports are that over 2,300 infants and children were taken from parents at our borders since May and held in cages, tent cities, and so-called “tender age shelters.” They are being flown alone to states far away from their parents.

We have seen the heartbreaking photographs of frightened children. We have heard audio of their cries for their parents. The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that the psychological impact of this separation “amounts to child abuse.”

It remains unclear what will happen to these children, but it is likely they will not be reunited with their parents.

Now the president wants to create detention camps for families. Family separation is abhorrent, but so is imprisoning families indefinitely. Children still will be locked in cages. Pediatricians repeatedly have warned how harmful this is to children.

They are not criminals! Most families are seeking asylum, which is their legal right, protected by law.

Welcoming immigrants has long been a source of strength for our country. Asylum-seekers deserve compassion, dignity and respect. The heartless treatment of refugees and their children must end.

If you believe that families belong together and not in detention centers, please join Milford Speaks Out on June 30 at 9:30 a.m. in front of Milford City Hall to speak out against this cruel and dangerous policy.

Stacy Clark