Letter: School bus drivers keep our children safe

To the Editor:

Recently I passed by a school bus and an overwhelming feeling washed over me — the amount of responsibility bus drivers carry. Our children’s lives and no less. Our school district is very focused on in-school police officers, greeters checking ID at the door, and locking our school buildings during the day. But before our kids get to school, they are on: the Bus. When you put your child on the bus do you think twice about it?

Bus Drivers, you’ve earned our trust.

For those of you who never rode the school bus, there actually exists a social order exclusive to "bussers." Keeping order in this microcosm of society is the bus driver. My first grade driver was Miss Brown. I thought she was beautiful — long blonde hair and makeup done every day. Then Steve had the route. Known as "Soupy" to some, Steve had a cassette player and every morning we rocked down the aisle to our seats listening to Boston’s first album. Then I think John had the bus route, and Sherry for years after that.

This history belongs to a single busser, and I truly treasure every memory and every driver. There are thousands of Milford students riding the bus twice every day, year after year. Too many journeys to count. Between home and school there's the bus ride that for innumerable children and me was, and is, full of adventures and social challenges that leave an impression for a lifetime.

Dear Bus Drivers, you drive for us in good weather and bad, you encounter inconsiderate drivers disobeying your signals — yet you make sure our children are safe. If your bus doesn’t start one morning you find another and still pick us up, you deal with breakdowns, bullying, tears and laughter and continue driving undistracted. We tell time by your arrival at the bus stop. It was true for me and it's true for my children: Thank you, thank you for being a trustworthy part of every busser's life and being a faithful link between home and school every day.

Carolyn Dennis