Letter: School board members are proud of progress

To the Editor:

As members of Milford’s Board of Education, we’re proud of the progress our district has made over the last two years. Many of our schools have experienced double digit improvements in academic performance. Our students are taking more challenging courses. We now have Technology and Entrepreneurship Career Pathways available. School safety has been improved. Busing has been expanded.

No matter how good our schools are, they can always be better and we believe we have an obligation to make that happen. A district can’t be great unless every student can reach their full potential. It’s critical that students with special needs and disabilities, English learners, and students from low-income families get the support they need.

If Hartford cuts education funding and our budget is reduced, the board may have to make very difficult decisions. We’re committed to ensuring that we maintain a student centered quality education for all.

While there have been improvements in communication with families and the community, many parents and teachers still don’t feel their voices are being heard. We need to make sure that they are not only heard but that they know their thoughts, opinions and expertise are valued.

We’re active members of the board. We don’t just attend meetings. We research issues, analyze state test results and budget reports, attend conferences, meet with legislators and discuss issues with parents and educators within and outside our district. We’re committed to being transparent and make our positions on issues clearly known.

We need your vote on Nov. 7. We love being on the board, we’re passionate about education and we hope that we can continue to contribute to making our schools the best they can be.

Tom Jagodzinski  

Susan Krushinsky