Letter: School board chair touts district’s growth

To the Editor:

As a three-term member of the Board of Education, and its current chairwoman, I have been very encouraged by the growth I have seen within the district. Many of the positive and impactful initiatives that have come to fruition during this term were put in motion during my prior terms. I believe we are an above average district and people are beginning to take note of Milford. We have the best staff in the state and their tireless dedication to our students has paid off with progress on many levels.

Friends, neighbors and constituents that I have spoken with over the years have often heard me say how proud I am of Milford Public Schools. I openly celebrate and support our successes and tirelessly re-evaluate where we may have fallen short.

While our schools and students have experienced impressive growth, success and achievement in recent years, no school district should rest on its laurels. I have been and continue to be committed to seeking continuous improvement for our district and for every student. I would be honored to serve our community and school district for another term.

Susan Glennon