Letter: Says Staneski's vote on DACA bill was 'mind-boggling'

To the Editor:

As the Republican primary elections are approaching next week, constituents are continually fed information on various important issues. We must make a decision. Do we want our leadership to be our voice, or do we want “more of the same” in Hartford? I think the state of our state speaks for itself.

One of those major issues was the recent DACA bill that passed in the General Assembly allowing undocumented college students to be eligible for financial aid to public CT colleges. Your readers may not be aware that Gov. Malloy already spearheaded legislation a few years ago, allowing “Dreamer” students to qualify for in-state tuition fees, so it was no surprise when the bill, S.B. 4, was passed by our leadership in April 2018. What is surprising and mind-boggling, however, was that our Republican State Representative in the 119th District voted in agreement with Governor Malloy. State Representative Pam Staneski, who is now running for the open State Senate seat in the 14th District, voted to allow college students without legal citizenship status access to our precious taxpayer funds.

As an immigrant and now a legal US Citizen, I certainly understand and share the goals and dreams that young people of all backgrounds pursue as a part of the “American Dream”. However, as with any assistance program funded by hard-working and overtaxed Americans, there are rules and eligibility criteria that must first be met. What message are we sending to students who are US Citizens that seek financial assistance to further their education? The message they hear is that they must now compete with residents who are residing in the US illegally, for the limited resources that exist in our notoriously “tax and spend” CT state budget.

Republican voters ought to be aware of how they will be represented in Hartford.

Renee Casey

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