Letter: Rosen says Blake has kept city going strong

To the Editor:

Milford residents — past and present — will always share a special bond. Whether you have been in Milford for 50 years or have relocated somewhere across the country, we never truly leave Milford behind. There is no way to replace the feeling of Milford pride in our hearts.

Since moving to Washington, D.C., I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to make many trips back to my beautiful hometown. However, when I’m unable to make it back home, I find it extremely uplifting to read about all the great things going on throughout our 17 miles of shoreline.

Milford has always been great, and it’s reassuring to know that Mayor Ben Blake is always working to make it a better place. Whether he’s renegotiating contracts with vendors to save the city money or comforting residents after a natural disaster, Mayor Blake has always been there.

Over the last few years with Mayor Blake at the helm, Milford has seen city spending decrease, hosted a fantastic celebration of our 375th anniversary, and received a $5 million grant to build a parking garage for downtown Milford. With a record like this, it’s hard not to imagine supporting him for another term.

While my relocation to Washington may be temporary, I feel comforted in knowing that Mayor Blake is keeping Milford great for all of my friends and family who still reside there.

Justin M. Rosen

Former Milford Alderman