Letter — Resident says tolls will negatively impact citizens

To the Editor:
My name is Edward Vanchot and reside in the 5th district on 858 New Haven Avenue. I attended [the April 1] Board of Alderman meeting where Alderman Giannattasio proposed a resolution to the board addressing tolls in our state. He pointed out their negative impacts to our city, which include traffic and safety concerns, among others. It is no mystery tolls will negatively impact every citizen in our state and I firmly believe it is incumbent upon all of you to passionately speak out on our behalf. You are our mouthpieces.
Unfortunately, it is also no mystery this proposal is being passed along party lines, as reflected in the vote tally taken on 03/20/19 by the Transportation Committee. In my opinion, this is not a joint committee, but a partisan one holding a majority of almost 2:1.
Despite the partisan political climate in Hartford, it is clear, based upon the resolution and ordinance presented in Milford April 1, that our locally elected officials truly support the best interests of our community.
I implore all of you to actively engage our state representatives and senator to set a mandate for their return to Milford to "actively" listen to our residents' concerns. In particular Kim Rose and James Maroney as their party holds the real decision making power.
Lastly, I would be remiss not to say that these are the types of broad based proposals that make or break political careers. I personally find the below February statement made by James Maroney to be completely unacceptable.
“I don’t support tolls for passenger vehicles,” said Sen. Maroney. “However, I realize we have significant transportation needs in our state and we must modernize our transportation infrastructure. Depending on what happens with the court case in Rhode Island, I’m willing to support tolls for big rig trucks.”
I would also say this to both him and Kim Rose, break away from your party and advocate for your constituents instead. Do the right thing for those you represent by voting against tolls, because in my humble opinion, you may discover it negatively impacts your ability to retain your seats in Hartford if supported.
Thank you all for your time and consideration.
Edward Vanchot