Letter: Resident says Republicans have been dying to close an elementary school

To the Editor:

The Republicans have been dying to close an elementary school. Minority Leader DeRosa (R) said as much at the last meeting. This should not have been a shock. Now the Republicans have given us a list.

Initially, all the board agreed to close Harborside Middle School, but “not” to close an elementary school. It wasn't until the after October 13 meeting that DeRosa revealed that he now does not want to close Harborside. He did that in the Patch (online news forum). He saw a political opportunity to stick the closing of Harborside squarely on the Democrats — an astute move if you are nothing but a craven political animal.

He also stated at the October 13 meeting — after most of the parents had gone home — that he wanted to put the “closing of an elementary school” on the agenda at the November 10 meeting, something he had not said in public before. Back in the Patch (online news forum) again, he has now picked the elementary schools he wants to close — Pumpkin Delight, Live Oaks or Calf Pen.

What will ensue is a debacle — orchestrated by DeRosa. Mr. DeRosa has created a poisoned environment which will lead voters to say “a pox on both your houses” and they will vote mostly Republican next November.  DeRosa (R) , DiBiase (R) and DeGrego (R) are in safe districts so they will return.  Mr. Pisselli (R) may be the sacrifice. Many of the Democrats will be removed from office and replaced with Republicans. Then the new Republicans, led by DeRosa, will close one or two more elementary schools.

This is a pure political move on the Republican's part. It has “nothing” to do with the children in this city.

Mike Brown