Letter: Resident says Pam Staneski will fight for what state needs

To the Editor:

We keep hearing Democrats talk about a bump stock bill. We should ask ourselves why are they talking about this and not the economy. The answer is simple: James Maroney, and the Milford Democrats can't talk about success. The Milford Democrats can't say, look how great Malloy has done in his eight years as governor. This state has been destroyed by Malloy and the Democrats.

The Democratic candidate James Maroney has been part of the problem in this state. When he was a State Representative, he was an enabler to Governor Malloy. James didn't fight for the middle class and his district. He voted yes to raise taxes on the people in the state of Connecticut. He never stood up to Malloy when the budget was put forward and said we need to cut spending not increase taxes. While James would like to say he can help the state of Connecticut his record says otherwise.

Pam Staneski as a state representative for the 119th house district has fought Malloy. The answer to who should be our next state senator is clear, and that is Pam Staneski, a fighter, not someone who will always vote the party line and never stand up and fight when the time comes and say the people of Connecticut cannot afford this. Only Pam Staneski has done that in Hartford, and she will continue to do that when she is State Senator. That's why I support Pam Staneski.

Frank Musante