Letter: Resident says James Maroney is the right man for State Senate

To the Editor:

I witnessed something amazing a few years ago while watching my daughter take tennis lessons with two boys, each 7 to 8 years old, on the courts behind the Milford Library. One boy insisted that he shouldn’t have to play a girl, protesting repeatedly until finally flying off on a little boy tirade.

He directed his frustration at my daughter, telling her what girls were and weren’t supposed to do.

Suddenly, the other boy literally stepped between the two and defended my daughter.

“Girls can do anything boys can do,” and “you don’t have the right to say those things about her,” he said until that boy stopped yelling. Then he turned to my daughter and asked if she was okay; she was.

As I stood there looking around for my new hero’s father, my mind was racing with thoughts like: I can’t believe his dad missed that, what an amazing kid, his parents are remarkable to be instilling values like that so young.

The boy who came to my daughters’ defense was Jay Maroney, son of James Maroney, candidate for State Senate in the 14th district representing Milford, Orange, West Haven and Woodbridge. Since then, I have gotten to know James Maroney well and can honestly say that his true character was on display in the actions of his son. There is not a better person available to represent my family in Hartford. I will be voting for James Maroney on Nov. 6 and I ask that you do too.

Jay Zammiello