Letter: Resident says Boston Post Road has moved to Ford Street

To the Editor:

This is followup of a recent letter regarding the Colonial Toyota pending zone change application to change the property on the corner of Gunn and Ford Streets from Residential 12.5 zone to Commercial CCD-1 zone to the middle of the street. No decision has been issued as of yet.

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, there were three car transportation flatbeds parked on Ford Street. When asked what they were doing there, the reply was loading cars for the auction for Colonial Toyota. They then indicated the lots were full and they were instructed to load the cars on Ford Street.

This is just another example of the property owners disregard for the city's laws or Planning & Zoning regulations. The only permits obtained for this project were for the demolition of the three structures taken down. There were no permits issued for the following:

Earth removal (3000+ cy),

Tree removal,

Additional paving base course for parking cars

Using the property to store and sell new cars

The Post Road has moved to Ford Street.

Harold Ryder