Letter: Resident says Blake has proven himself as mayor

To the Editor:

Those of us in the business community are extremely satisfied with what this mayor and his administration have done for local commerce, especially in the downtown venues. We are now a city that attracts new businesses and provides the necessities and amenities to accommodate our thriving existing businesses. The permitting process, once the source of anguish for those seeking new business offices and facilities, has become efficient, streamlined and user-friendly.

Despite some inaccurate reports, our city maintains a prestigious bond rating that enabled us to refinance our municipal bonds and save taxpayers almost three-quarters of a million dollars. Our solid economic stature, and Mayor Blake’s persistent negotiations have afforded us many millions of dollars in state and federal grants to upgrade our city’s infrastructure and particularly to improve our downtown parking.

Another hugely beneficial grant recently sought and bestowed upon our city is for a Microgrid that will keep critical facilities powered in the event of a natural disaster, provide emergency shelter and create energy savings for our city.

So, thank you, Mayor Blake and your successful efforts to enhance and enrich the business communities of Milford. You have certainly earned my vote and the votes of many in our thriving business-minded city.
Donald F. Anderson III