Letter: Resident raises opposition to cell tower on Eel's Hill

Letter to the Editor:

Attention residents of Settler's Ridge, Settler's Woods and any one else who resides within a half mile of Eel's Hill in Milford, Connecticut. You are about to become guinea pigs in an AT&T health and electrical science experiment. The City of Milford is on the verge of approving the construction of a 135 foot high cell phone rely tower on the city owned Eel's Hill property.

Yes, you will now be bombarded with radio frequency microwaves 24 hours a day, let alone having the privilege of viewing one of AT&T's beautiful cell towers out your kitchen window. Just think how your property values will soar.

How the city can decide to place one of these towers in a residential area is beyond me. I Google mapped the area and counted no less than 150 residential dwellings within a quarter of a mile from the existing radio towers. Also included in that area were two churches, one full-time daycare operation and a child's seasonal pre-school facility, all in the shadow of the proposed tower.

The science has yet to be determined on the health consequences of constant exposure to dangerous RF microwaves. Many countries around the world are studying the effects of this exposure on humans, but not the United States government. The allowable minimum exposure standards in the US are multiple times higher than most other countries.

It is well known that children run the greatest risk of cellular damage from exposure to microwave radiation. Yet, we are days away from a decision that could impact all of your lives. Until there is no doubt that continual exposure is harmless, I don't believe the residents of Milford should be participants in an electrical experiment.

Many see this as a win for the city of Milford. AT&T is paying for the construction of the tower and the city will reap the financial benefits of leasing the facility back to AT&T. But, let me ask, why doesn't AT&T want to own the property outright? Do they fear the ramifications and the legal consequences of a future time when the dangerous effects of RF exposure are better documented? Do the citizens of Milford want to bet the long term health of their children and themselves on a scientific experiment in which no one can foresee the ultimate results.

Build your tower on Charles Island and let AT&T perform their scientific experiments on the rats that dwell there, not on human guinea pigs. Please contact your Alderman and plan on attending the informational hearing on Thursday, July 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Aldermanic Chamber at City Hall.

Walt Rollins