Letter: Resident questions Kim Rose’s run for City Clerk

To the Editor:

After reading the Milford Mirror Oct. 19 issue and doing some research, I find myself deeply concerned about Kim Rose running for the office of City Clerk in Milford.

According to what she states of her background and her intentions if elected City Clerk, it is quite obvious that she definitely is not interested in the well being of the Milford taxpayers. She stated she works for the City of Bridgeport and is “prepared to retire,” protecting her job in Bridgeport, if she should lose the election.

She has represented the people of Milford in the legislature, and while doing that, she has kept her full-time job with Bridgeport. How convenient. If she were not a Democrat she would have been forced out of her job, or else give up her position as a legislator. She also claims she was not paid by Bridgeport when the legislature is in session. How can the public believe that she was not paid while away from her job there.

Also, she did neglect to let the readers (taxpayers) know that while the legislature is in session, she is paid $28,000 for the year. Also she receives a $4,500 expense account, total pay $32,500. Also, if she has a leadership position, or committee chairmanship, there’s extra money there according to the title of that leadership position. This is all public information from the legislative clerk’s office in Hartford.

Of course, Ms Rose says she will stay in her legislative position if elected City Clerk in Milford. How convenient for her. She can collect the City Clerk salary of approximately $78,000 a year, miss weeks or possibly months from the City Clerk’s job responsibilities while in Hartford. Why should Milford have a part-time City Clerk. Also, why should the staff in that office be forced to carry out her neglected duties.

While people are struggling to make ends meet, pay for food, housing, other necessities, not counting taxes that will be paying Ms. Rose for her jobs, bringing home two paychecks, collecting a pension from Bridgeport, and if elected five terms, collecting a pension from Milford, and after 15 years with the legislature collect a pension from the state of Connecticut. Triple dipping, Kim Rose, and you claim you are for the people of Milford.

I feel that the honorable thing for you to do would be withdraw your name from our Milford ballot. Also, shame on Mayor Blake and the Democratic Town Committee for going along with these deplorable, underhanded shenanigans.

Ann Riling