Letter: Resident defends city decisions on Eli’s patio

Letter to the Editor:

Over the past few weeks, many of us in Milford were following the debate presented to our Planning and Zoning Board and our Board of Aldermen concerning a downtown city park. Most citizens, businessmen and our elected representatives defended this much used green space against the plan of a tavern owner to expand his business.

The owner of Eli’s even went so far as to hire former Speaker of the House Jim Amann to represent him.

This small park has changed dramatically over the last several years and is now home to a commemorative bench dedicated to one of our own who was lost on 9/11. Families gather here, people stop to chat. It is a reminder that not every blade of grass has to turn a profit to be worthwhile.

The owner and his lobbyist have slandered our mayor and city officials in an attempt to usurp a public space for personal profit.

And now we learn that he’s left other municipalities with bills to pay and problems to solve (New Haven Register 8/6/15). Let’s thank our astute city officials for preserving the image of our city and standing up for Milford and shame on those who are using this as a political football to gain face time in anticipation of upcoming elections.

Janet Montalbano