Letter: Resident backs Smith for mayor

To the Editor:

I attended the mayoral debate on Sept. 22 and believe that Paula Smith is our best chance to get Milford’s economy back on track.

Although the topics addressed at the event were each a high priority, we need to improve economic development and broaden the commercial tax base. Mr. Blake stated that 394 new businesses moved to Milford in 2014 and an average of 327 during each of his four years as mayor. My question to Mr. Blake is what is the net result? How many businesses have actually closed or left Milford in the past four years? How many of these business owners are sole proprietorships working out of their homes?

We need industries that will increase revenue and add jobs. There are a lot of vacant office complexes and storefronts. Paula Smith has over 30 years of finance and operations experience to initiate change. She will help increase commercial development to help lower taxes for the citizens of Milford. I will support her in reaching this goal.
M.C. Hanson