Letter: Praise for Blake’s involvement in city events

To the Editor:

Just two weeks ago I attended MACfest, a Milford Fine Arts Council event, and was delighted to experience such a local treasure. As I wandered the green watching Nia Dance, children’s puppet shows and listening to live music, it occurred to me that the arts scene in Milford has certainly flourished over the past few years.

I questioned a few locals who seemed in-the-know and heard various versions of, “oh, Mayor Blake is a big supporter of the arts…” and “…he actually shows up for art shows, dance performances, theater and musical productions.”

I wasn’t surprised and remembered seeing him at the Kentucky Derby Party, an art exhibit and at several kids events.

Certainly, you can’t live in Milford these last few years and not hear someone praising Mayor Blake for his help on post-hurricane repairs, public works problems, or senior housing issues, but this was the first I’d heard of his aid to our community’s thriving art scene.

So, once again, my appreciation and thanks go out to Ben Blake for his multi-faceted positive impact on our city.

This weekend I plan to attend the Eastbound Theater’s first production of the year, Moonlight and Magnolias. I wonder if the mayor will be there?
Patrick Decker