Letter: New sticker will tell you what can and can't go in recycling bin

To the Editor:

At last our new recycling flyer/sticker is on its way to be published. It will tell you what you can and cannot put into your green recycling bin. We are hoping that our poor record of compliance, 22%, will rise to 85% and more.

What, you may ask, is the big deal about recycling? And we say, what is the big deal of just throwing the items into the green bin? The big deal is that there are rewards in recycling. For instance, aluminum cans can be recycled an infinite number of times; it saves on landfills, energy, creates jobs and recyclables make money. Broken down statistically, for every 10,000 tons of solid waste going to landfills, one job is created. That same amount of waste — kept out of landfills — can create 10 recycling jobs or 75 materials reuse jobs. Other studies have said if the U.S. were to achieve a 75% recycling rate by 2030, the country could create 1.5 million to 2.3 million new jobs.

You don’t have to be a tree hugger sympathizer to be a good recycler. There is money in it for you especially when you take clothes and other items not acceptable in the green bin, to Good Will as you can get a tax break for your donations. With the new items listed on your flyer, you can throw in the bin all kinds of old plastic toys and old kitchen appliances, such as irons, toasters, etc. You will find additional items listed on your new sticker.

There is one cardinal rule, no plastic bags and items like bottles, jars, etc. must be rinsed, that way your bin will not smell like a garbage pit. And definitely no garbage or dirty napkins should be in the bin.

You will be given a grace period, but if the haulers find non acceptable items in your bin, it will not be picked up until they have been removed.

Happy recycling.

Ann Berman

Milford Recycling Task Force