Letter: Need to protect Prudden-Baldwin property

To the Editor:

I write in favor of protecting the Prudden-Baldwin property on Prospect Street.

To the Puritan Original Planters of Milford, graveyards were blessed lands, usually abutting a church, made sacred by the burial of those thought to be worthy of God.

However, the Original Planters did not choose land near the Common House as would have been typical, but rather chose Peter Prudden’s garden for their graveyard, and by this choice, made this land their sacred and hallowed graveyard.

Now, nearly 400 years later, though we cannot state with certainty the place of Peter Prudden’s house, nor exactly where Prudden was buried, we do know that the Prudden-Baldwin property is the final vestige of that hallowed graveyard chosen by, and made sacred by, the Original Planters.

And we know that this is our last chance to honor their choice by preserving it. We owe this much to our ancestors; and we owe this much to our children.

Christopher Bishop