Letter: Musante supports Pam Staneski

To the Editor:

A real voice with experience is what we need to represent the people in the 14th senate district.

With the problems this state is facing we need experience in Hartford. The best choice to be representing the 14th senate seat is Pam Staneski.

Pam has represented the 119th for four years and as one of her constituents I can personally say she is the most qualified and has the knowledge to hit the ground running in hartford. Pam is a member of Appropriations, Public Health, Higher Education and Employment Advancement committees.

Pam has fought against the Malloy agenda. Pam stood up to Malloy's tax increases, toll proposal and Malloy’s irresponsible budget proposals. Pam knows the people that she will be working with and will be able to get work done in Hartford on day one.

Hartford is a big jump to make and has a different way of operating than the great city of Milford.

Saying this we need someone who knows what they are doing and doesn’t need to go through a tutorial when arriving.

When Milford was hit with countless proposals for affordable housing also know as 8-30G, Pam went to work on helping the citizens of Milford by crafting a bill that would help the citizens in town — a group started a petition called Save the Woods and Milford Alderman Anthony Giannattasio said, “I’m not signing this. This has nothing to do with me.”

I have known and helped Pam for four years. She took me up to Hartford to see how our great system operates. She even went to Live Oaks school to see my five-year-old cousin Reese and the rest of her classmates to bring them coloring books about the state of Connecticut.

The kids were happy and it shows that Pam cares about the children in this state and works to make sure that when our kids go to school they are safe and in a great learning environment.

Pam has stood for the second amendment. Pam has fought the democrats when they propose tax hikes that are driving people out of their homes and into other states. She fought job killing regulations that hurt businesses and make it harder to start a business.

Pam also has been a great advocate for the Advanced Manufacturing Program at Housatonic Community College that provides workers to keep our factories in this state and create a new generation of blue collar workers. My brother is one of the people that has benefited from Pam’s hard work as our State Representative.

This is why I am supporting Pam Staneski for State Senate on August 14th and on November 6th because she is the one with experince and has the care for her constituents that is needed in Hartford.

Frank Musante

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