Letter: Milford schools need less testing and more teaching

To the Editor:

It turns out that Milford’s parents, kids and teachers are right. Milford’s schools are over testing. If there were ever any doubts, those doubts were laid to rest at the last Board of Ed meeting when the administration presented a dump truck load of testing data that would have left Einstein and Hawkins dazed and confused. The only thing worse than insufficient data is way too much data. Any teacher who actually tried to understand and use all this data wouldn’t have any time left to teach.

The news gets worse. Numerous slides showed that our schools failed to meet the goals established by the board. Those goals called for improving test results. Not only didn’t the schools meet the goals but in many cases the results actually showed things got worst. The board didn’t even react. They completely ignored the situation. If the board doesn’t take its goals seriously, it’s no wonder the administration doesn’t.

Testing is critically important if we want continually improving schools but this is being carried to an extreme that’s actually harming our schools. It’s time to take a serious look at this situation and eliminate unnecessary and redundant testing. We need to test less and free up valuable time for more teaching.

Tom Jagodzinski