Letter: Milford’s Board of Education needs to listen

To the Editor:

It’s a miracle. The Milford Board of Education listened. They listened when parents said they wanted the Halloween parades back. They seem to be listening to parents who want bus service expanded. Last month they couldn’t get a majority to agree to even consider revising the busing policy. This month they’re rushing to embrace the idea like squirrels racing for an acorn. What happened? Could it be that there’s an election next month? As Samuel Johnson said “nothing focuses the mind like a hanging”.

People have a lot of concerns about our schools. Our schools are over testing. We need to end unnecessary and redundant testing and free up more time for actual teaching. Our high schools are focused on programs for the highest performing students. What about the rest of our kids? When I suggest people attend board meetings and speak up, they usually say it’s a waste of time — the board doesn’t listen. They complain that board members usually don’t even respond to emails. The best you can hope for is that they’ll pass them on to someone else.

I know what people mean. I’ve been attending board meetings for the last 10 years. I frequently speak about issues and most of the time it’s like talking to a row of garden gnomes. We need a board that listens to people all the time, not just 30 days before an election.

Tom Jagodzinski