Letter — Milford resident says ‘skip the straw’

To the Editor:
Skip the (plastic) Straw is one ongoing environmental initiative. There are many proposed bills going before the Connecticut and national lawmakers regarding plastics in general, including plastic straws, but Skip the Straw is an easy one anyone can help accomplish.
Any time you buy/order/get a drink that usually comes with a plastic straw, all you have to do is say, “please, skip the straw.” That”s it. No law has to be passed to do this. You won’t get charged extra, fined, banned from airplanes, your name on a list ...!
These hard plastic items find their way into our oceans. Many sea critters ingest these plastics or get them (straws!) caught in their mouths. Think about it: What sea turtle, seal, etc. has arms that can reach to their mouths to extract such a yuck-this-isn’t-food item? Can sea critters help themselves? No. They can’t.
But wait! There's more! Anchovies and other tiny sea critters feed on microscopic morsels including plastics (e.g. plastic straws) that have been pulverized by the water/sea floor/rock action. Bigger fish eat these little critters. Who eats the bigger fish? Humans! Hmmm .... Have you had your portion of plastic today?
A number of our own Milford restaurants are already giving plastic straws only upon request or are in the process of researching the switch to non-plastic straws. Well done! Web sites (search skip the straw) have more info. Just saying ...
D. Jacobs