Letter: Mayor Blake praises transition back to K-5

To the Editor:

“We get to learn Spanish!” exclaimed an East Shore middle schooler.

“We decorated our name tags,” boasted a Live Oaks kindergartener.

These were two of the eager reactions that Dr. Feser and I received as we toured the Milford public schools last week. The transition back to the K-5 system has been enthusiastically embraced by students as well as their parents and educators. At every school we visited, the students’ positive motivation and obvious preparedness was notable.

I commend all the dedicated school personnel and board members who worked so diligently to open our reconfigured schools once again; always doing what it takes to foster educational goals and serve the needs of our children. The work done behind the scenes, especially among our elementary schools’ staffs, including moving books, supplies and equipment as well as the willingness of staff members to take over necessary assignments shows how lucky we are in Milford to have such devoted professionals on board.

As mayor of our city, I am pleased and proud of our schools’ preparedness for the year ahead, and as a parent of a Milford kindergartener, I look forward to a terrific school year.

Benjamin G. Blake, Mayor