Letter: Kim Rose says letter writer distorted truth

To the Editor:

I would not ordinarily offer a rebuttal of an editorial, everyone has a right to their say, but the op-ed offered by Ann Riling is so full of inaccuracies and distortions I felt it imperative that I set the record straight.

Connecticut has a part time legislature with the salary to match. A State Representative’s base pay is $28,000, it is true that there is an expense allotment which we pay taxes on, it does not nearly cover fundraisers and events that we are expected to attend locally year round, nor the wear and tear on our personal vehicles. It must be apparent to all that unless you're independently wealthy this is not enough money to live on. I work full time, for the city of Bridgeport and have for the past 18 years. When I am off on legislative duties, I am not paid. I am also not credited that time towards any retirement pension that I would receive. I take exception that she accuses me of lying. If necessary, my tax returns can be obtained through FOI.

She also made a statement "if she were not a Democrat she would have been forced out of her job." Representatives and Senators are part time. Most all of us also have full time jobs, both Democrats and Republicans. Because our service is considered public service we are protected by state statute the we cannot lose our jobs while performing our duties of public service. In addition, it is not unusual to hold a local as well as state elected position. Sen. Osten is both a Senator and the First Selectman of Sprague.

If I am fortunate to be elected city clerk of Milford and retire from the City of Bridgeport I will receive a small pension. The multiple pension scenario Ms. Riling conjures up is not even worth addressing. How can any reasonable person know what the future holds for an elected official?

I have spent a lifetime caring for others. I have been an elected state representative for four terms, and have fought for this city and its citizens. I have raised two children on my own and have earned a reputation as an honest, hard working public servant. I am an active member of many non-profit organizations in Milford. Ms. Riling has used these distortions, often called fake news, to try to tarnish my reputation. I will not stand for it. I am confident that on election day my friends and supporters will not stand for it as well.

As always, I am readily available to answer any and all questions. I am just a phone call away. 203-701-6098.

Kim Rose