Letter: Jagodzinski slams Dems over union package vote

To the Editor:

During their campaigns and in their media reports, Gayle and Kim claim to be independent, working for the good of all us little people, but they’re not. They’re Malloy Democrats and their voting records prove it every time.  

Monday, July 31, the Democratic legislature handed the unions the sweetest deal yet that locks in unprecedented benefits for the next 10 years. What did they hand the taxpayers? A steaming pile of poop, the nastiest financial liability for taxpayers yet. This comes on the heels of repeatedly voting for historic tax increases. They claim this union deal will save the state big money overall but it won’t.   

Gayle and Kim’s press releases justifying their votes were pure entertainment. They clearly worked longer over these than over this SEBAC bill.

Kim’s release is ridiculous as she tries to make everything seem hunky-dory. She never met a tax hike she didn’t like and vote for. Check her voting record.

Senator Slossberg’s strategy is classic Gayle: Numb them with self-serving ‘facts’ and assure them everything will be all right, not to worry. She promises it’s a good deal but it isn’t. She talks like a Republican but always votes Democrat. She assures taxpayers this situation can be fixed in 10 years. Ten years? We need it fixed now.

SEBAC never should have passed! What possessed these legislators? I’ll tell you. They don’t represent us, the taxpayers, who foolishly voted them into office. They are Malloy Democrats who represent the unions first, last and always. Gayle and Kim should be thrown out of office.

Remember this debacle come election time this year and next year, when these two are up for reelection. Nothing will change unless you vote for change.        

Connie Jagodzinski