Letter: In support of Rick Varrone

To the Editor:

Milford is our home. Home is where people have your best interests at heart, where they want the best for you and have your back.

They dare to tell you when you’ve screwed up and say ‘Don’t do that again.’  They want us to live up to our potential, to succeed and do better.

Rick Varrone, the legislative candidate for the 118th in Milford, believes we deserve better.  

For three decades, one party has controlled every aspect of our state government. This unbalanced and unhealthy approach comes right out of the Tammany Hall playbook. When there is no discussion and no compromise, the result is more taxes, wasteful spending, and a government incapable of providing and safeguarding the basic needs of its citizens.  

Rick Varrone has bravely stepped forward to draw a line in the sand and said, “Enough.”  

He’s a fiscal conservative. He believes in Kitchen Table Economics, i.e., don’t spend more than you make. For years, he has run a small business and has seen Connecticut’s economy shredded these past years. Where are the jobs? Why is the state driving businesses out? Why does Hartford get to overrule Milford’s zoning laws and shove affordable housing wherever developers please? Who’s looking out for our best interests? Who’s fighting for us?

Rick Varrone believes it’s time to change that. He’ll fight for us. He’s the change we need.

Vote for Rick Varrone on November 8.            

Connie Jagodzinski