Letter: In defense of Staneski's bill vote

To the Editor:

Tony Giannattasio’s attacks on Pam Staneski regarding her vote on a bill impacting undocumented students shows just how dishonest Tony is. He will do anything to get elected. Even if that means twisting the truth and attacking a Republican like Pam who has fought for years for the people in our communities and stood up to Dan Malloy and his policies that have destroyed our state.

Here are the facts. Pam Staneski didn’t vote with Malloy on this issue. Rather, she voted on a bill that Republican and Democrat lawmakers in Connecticut crafted together.

By having a seat at the table, and not sitting back and allowing Malloy and his Democrat friends to pass whatever they wanted, Republicans successfully negotiated a bill that:

1)     does not give any taxpayer money to undocumented students

2)     only allows a very limited group of undocumented students to access institutional aid from an account that their own tuition funds are deposited. Currently, undocumented students have paid into the fund but have not been able to apply for any benefits from it.

3)     only allows undocumented students who were brought here as children and already attended school in Connecticut to qualify, or who are honorably discharged U.S. veterans.

4) puts pressure on the federal government to adopt the DACA definitions President Trump wants.

The federal government’s immigration policy has been chaos. But Connecticut Republicans like Pam successfully did what Trump is trying to get Congress to do: pass policies to make sure people who were brought here as children can become contributing members of our society and employed taxpayers, without costing taxpayers more money.

Alfredo Rivera Jr.


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