Letter: Group does not oppose leasing Stowe barn

To the Editor:

We are writing to clarify the position of Milford Citizens To Save Stowe barn and park. As the beautiful 1855 Victorian Barn sits, it is a museum of early Milford agricultural and architectural life. It is held together with hand whittled pegs. No nails. This is how early Milford barns and homes were constructed: posts, beams, girts, purloins, etc. What a perfect place to show modern students how barns were made for over 200 years. What a great destination for a field trip or field day at the end of the school year.

The land is precious; it looks like Vermont in Walnut Beach; a Currier and Ives scene. We do not want to see the land sold. It was purchased by the taxpayers and should remain with the people of Milford. State and federal money was used for a public purpose and we have been told that those funds would have to be repaid if the land was sold for a private business.

We are not opposed to a lease of the barn for a public purpose; a museum, Walnut Beach Days, Pumpkins on the Pier Day, or even a farmers market which would fit nicely with the agricultural museum concept. The city must not sell the barn or land because, should a business fail, that owner would control the land’s future development and the city would have no say.

An 8-30G or dense housing could go in with no oversight if the land is sold and then the people have lost what they fought to obtain: an emerald of green in Walnut Beach in Milford.

Sarah Harrower Wierzbicki

Susan St. Pierre