Letter: Giannattasio says Staneski's vote 'misguided'

To the Editor:

It appears my column last week has upset my opponent, 119th House Rep. Pam Staneski, when I referred to her misguided vote to allow undocumented residents access to financial aid.

To be clear, Staneski joined with the House Democrats to allow this ill-conceived bill to become law. For those that have stated, “It’s only one vote,” my response is that it was one big mistake and a horrendous error in judgment. To their credit our other 14th District House Representatives, Republican Majority Leader, Themis Klarides, and 117th Rep. Charles Ferraro, voted against the bill. This further illustrates Staneski’s lack of understanding and total disregard for the current district she was elected to represent.

Staneski continues to provide a contorted, long diatribe as to why she supported the bill. However, all the exceptions she notes in the bill are cloudy at best given there is currently no guaranteed path to citizenship for undocumented residents.

Without a guaranteed path to citizenship, voting to pass the bill was and is simply indefensible. Staneski’s argument that undocumented residents are paying into the system falls short for many reasons, one of those being that if they decide not to pay back their loans and leave the country, they certainly will not be under the same scrutiny and financial responsibility that US citizens who take out student loans are subject to. This was a bad bill (now law) and a bad vote.

It’s a slippery slope when there is money given to undocumented residents with no path to citizenship. As your senator, I will use common sense and compassion to ensure your tax dollars are spent wisely.

Connecticut is at a defining moment that requires leadership that listens. On August 14th, Republicans will have an important choice to make: stay with the status quo politician that takes PAC money from Greenwich millionaires or change Hartford. I respectfully ask for your vote, so that together we can improve the lives for our families, veterans, and senior citizens throughout the 14th District and Connecticut.

Anthony Giannattasio

Endorsed Republican Candidate, 14th Senate District

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