Letter: Garbage on city streets — disgusting

To the Editor:

Now that the snow is gone, what do I see everywhere as I drive along our lovely city’s streets?  Garbage. I see discarded soda bottles, beer cans, the remains of someone’s fast-food lunch, someone’s old tire — it is disgusting.

I ask myself, what sort of people throw their garbage out their car windows? Or dump their junk in lovely, unspoiled woods?

I have friends who live in Wilton and Fairfield and, let me tell you, when you drive the streets of those towns, you do not see garbage. I would bet that some of Fairfield county’s residents are just as piggy as ours, but their garbage is picked up.

Something has to be done in Milford. I’m embarrassed to invite people to my house when I know that, as they drive down my street, they will see garbage strewn along the sides of the road.

I used to pick some of it up myself, but unfortunately I am well past my bending-down years.

I appeal to the mayor, who is so (justly) proud of this wonderful city of ours, to do something about this blight on our landscape.

Joan Wolf