Letter: GOP responds to Democrat's comments on land acquisition vote

To the Editor:

The Republicans on the Board of Aldermen have raised legitimate concerns. The Democratic leaders response to the questions? Shouting fake news. Here are the facts.

The vote taken empowers Mayor Blake to move forward with the purchase regardless of what any environmental study says, see City Attorney Berchem’s  comments in response to Alderman Casey’s concerns, BOA Minutes, 10/02/2017. This is particularly concerning. The people of Milford will have no say in the process. Considering this was added onto the agenda only a week before the meeting, it gives the appearance of something more sinister.

Mayor Blake stated the city is “[l]ooking to use the site for the dredging of the ponds” BOA Minutes, 10/02/2017. Chris Saley confirmed that it has PCBs. That substance is a toxic carcinogen. The property also abuts Baldwin Station, Lexington Green, Caswell Cove as well as the Housatonic River.

The minutes show that Mr. Saley wishes to “open” the site up to a “larger company” for dumping. In fact, Democratic Majority Leader Alderman Vecherelli seemed excited about this idea stating that he hopes that the dump will be a source of profit for the city and be an “enterprise fund.” This will lead to increased truck traffic, BOA Minutes 10/02/2017.  

But don’t take my word for it, instead read the minutes or better yet watch it on YouTube. You will be surprised about what the Democrats on the Board of Aldermen want to do with this property. Vote Row B and stop the chaos.

Matt Gaynor

Republican Town Committee Chairman

HYPERLINK "http://www.ci.milford.ct.us/sites/milfordct/files/minutes/minutes-file/board_of_aldermen_10-2-17.pdf" http://www.ci.milford.ct.us/sites/milfordct/files/minutes/minutes-file/board_of_aldermen_10-2-17.pdf

HYPERLINK "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TocTNWFQ0gM" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TocTNWFQ0gM