Letter: GOP promises less testing, more school bus service

To the Editor:

The People of Milford Are Loud and Clear. We’re Listening……

Two years ago the Republican candidates for the Board of Education listened when parents said they wanted to return to kindergarten to grade 5 schools. We promised to do it and we did it.  When the Mayor and the Democratic Board Chair proposed closing Harborside, we listened and stopped it from happening

Now it’s another election and we’re still listening. If we’re elected, we’re committed to

1. eliminate redundant and unnecessary testing and free up time for more teaching – let teachers teach let students learn

2. improve academic performance – reduce testing time

3. reduce administrative overhead – make them more accountable

4. expand bus service to include more students

Two years ago the people of Milford elected four Republicans to the 10 member board. We made promises and we fought to keep them even though we were in the minority.  In this election we promise that we’ll work tirelessly to provide every child with the best possible education and we’ll listen to parents, students, teachers and other residents. The choice you make on November 3 will determine the future of our schools and city.  Let your voices be heard loud and clear…we’re listening and we’re ready to work hard for our students and our city.

Milford Republican Candidates for Board of Education

Mike DeGrego - 1st District

John DeRosa (Board Minority Leader) - 1st District

Daniel Faroni - 2nd District

Frank Musante - 2nd District

Tom Jagodzinski - 3rd District

Susan Krushinsky- 3rd District

Leigh Lepper - 4th District

Ila Tokarz - 4th District

Sue DiBiase - 5th District

William Farrell- 5th District