Letter: Former official opposes Grillo's expansion

To the Editor:

I am writing in opposition to the proposed location of Grillo Recycling at the West Avenue site currently owned by Kingdom Life Church.

I spent 22 years as Director of Economic and Community Development for the City of Milford and before that guided the Milford Chamber of Commerce for 19 years. In both positions I provided input to the process that developed several Plans of Conservation and Development adopted by the Planning and Zoning Board, including the one currently in effect.

Part of my job was to assist businesses to find the right place to locate. When I did that, I followed the Plan of Conservation and Development in force at the time to put the right business in the right place.

The land was zoned Design Office for a reason. It was close to residential areas. It was close to a school. Proper use of that land, as permitted by zoning, would have minimal impact on the neighborhood.

Kingdom Life Church and Grillo have not been good neighbors in another area. Grillo has proposed, in its application, to restore a wetland on the property in question. It is ironic because they, in consort with the church, have denigrated a wetland not too far away in the same watershed. Next to a property that the church has on Grinnell Street, trees have been cut down and an area of public wetlands and open space has been filled with dirt, tree stumps and debris.  Grillo supplied the fill and Kingdom Life gave them permission to dump it there to expand their parking lot. I fear for what they would do in the future to the land that they want to buy.

A recycling business is not a use that should be permitted close to a residential and school area. Especially one run by a company that doesn’t play by the rules.

Robert B. Gregory