Letter: Fond memories of Woodmont's "Portable" classroom

To the Editor:
Just a footnote to the 4/7/16 article on the old Woodmont Borough Hall going up for auction.

To the new owner, may you enjoy this space in good health and with good intentions, but please know that while the building may have "no historic value" as the warden noted, it still holds many wonderful memories for those of us Woodmonters who spent our first and second grades (such formative years) going to school in what was then referred to as "The Portable."

While the article stated it was "built in 1960," [based on records on the city assessor’s website] I know for a fact that this is incorrect: I was there from 1955 - 1957 under the tutelage of teachers Anna C. Collins (grade 1) and Lillian Maher (grade 2).

It was in first grade I got my first real exposure to poetry: Mrs. Collins would chalk a poem up on the blackboard every day. Every day, a new poem.

Those efforts have an effect on me to this day. Kickball on the macadam, see-saws, the wooden-and-metal pipe circular  "merry-go-round" we'd play on during recess, and I'll never forget wheeling and dealing Elvis Presley bubble gum trading cards during recess as well.

"The Portable" and its environs were special and safe places for those of us who grew up in Woodmont in the fifties.

So, no historic value, but memories. For those of us still around who remember the place, the times? Priceless.

Pat Williams Jeffery