Letter: Don't sell Stowe property

To the Editor:
There has been talk about the city selling the Stowe farmland purchased at great expense by the citizens of Milford in 2002. The land looks like a slice of Vermont in Walnut Beach. The public does not know how much money taxpayers spent to save this land in 2002 and, because of a lack of transparency, no one knows how much he is planning to sell this precious land for.

Milford Citizens To Save Stowe Memorial Park in Walnut Beach has sent a Freedom of Information request to the city attorney so that the city and taxpayers will know factual answers to the question: How much did we taxpayers pay to save this stunningly beautiful farmland in 2002 and how much is the mayor offering this land to a single buyer in 2016?

We are against the sale of this farmland and barn now in the public domain to a private business. We trust our leaders not to sell our public lands and the 2012 City Plan of Conservation and Development states that the property and barn is proposed for use of such things as a museum and sculpture gardens.( Page 108)

As the barn sits, it is a museum of early Milford agricultural and architectural life. Hand whittled wooden pegs visible at eye level illustrate how for over 200 years Milford homes and barns were constructed. What a great place for student field trips or field days. Our City Plan is consistent with the state goal to conserve cultural and historic resources and traditional rural lands. (Page 137).

We would like the city to place a welcome sign, a few directional signs, designate a few parking spots and welcome residents to the land which they own instead of selling it for prices unknown to a private business. We would like the city to allow residents to purchase benches to be placed on this parklike land where Milford citizens and others can come sit, paint, read, meditate or think as they look upon this gorgeous historic Victorian barn. No contract should be entered into with any private party regarding the sale of our public land.

Susan Foote, Sarah Harrower Wierzbicki, Regina Cahill, Ardienne Damicis, Tim Chaucer, Bill Roots, Allan Wilcox