Letter: Doesn’t think Slossberg should have apologized

To the Editor:

I wanted to comment on the article about Senator Slossberg having to apologize for using the N-word. First, it was not used in a racial way whatsoever so there was no reason to apologize for anything. Second, people who said they were offended just because they "heard" the word, no matter how it was used, are the ones who need to look and listen all around them and see who it is that really uses the full pronounced word.

The black community uses the N-word more than any other group of people. I know you will not respond or even print this letter because you too are scared of what might be thought of or said about this letter. If this group of people are so offended by the use of this word then how come we don't see them out in the community raising awareness about not using it at all from any group of people. I cannot for one second take the fact that a group of people say they are offended by the use of a word when they themselves do nothing to stop using it themselves.

I know of many little children who have asked the question to their parents..."If it is a bad word then how come I hear them using it all the time?" How about someone from that community that was "offended" actually taking the lead and getting the message out there that no group should use such a dirty nasty and vile word no matter who you are: at least I would have some respect for your efforts instead of being offended by you being offended just because you "heard" the word in a non bad way.

Angelo Ferrente