Letter: Doesn’t agree that Milford is ‘flying high’

To the Editor:

As a lifelong resident of Milford, imagine my surprise to see/hear that Milford is 'flying high.’ I suppose it is, if one includes rampant over-development, massive traffic congestion (so bad that it is turning Milford drivers into the worst in the state), out of control tree destruction and the gradual ruination of any charm the town used to have...then, yeah.

How about tossing us homeowners a bone and bring back July bulk trash pickup? Then we're really flyin'.

Milford has frankly always had a split personality, trying to decide whether it wanted to be New Haven Junior, or quaint New England coastal tourist trap. It really has never succeeded being either. Milford had a vibe of its own, but that is in danger of disappearing.

Barry Hatrick