Letter: Does Milford’s history no longer matter?

To the Editor:

I am writing once again concerning the David L. Baldwin House. The warning signs are all there and the writing has been on the wall for quite some time. Once again, our historic homes are coming under siege and being pillaged by greedy developers for nothing but profit while our history is being consciously wiped off the maps. It is so heartbreaking to have witnessed so much of our history that has already disappeared. We once had the Clapp House, Cadley’s, and Elijah Bryan house just to name a few. Now, it’s the David L. Baldwin house that a developer has set their bull’s-eye on.

Tell me please, what exactly is the point of having a historic home or property listed on a register such as the National River Park Historic District that is supposed to protect these same properties? The fate of all our historical properties — whether to demolish, purchase, sell or renovate should be resolved in accordance with city ordinances with greater input from our City Historical Commission, whose responsibility it is to preserve Milford’s history.

I’d like to see all city officials, including the mayor, city attorney and related commissions continue rejecting any further attempts by the developers etc. who may appeal our recent decision to preserve this important historic property. We depend on our officials to be vigilant and stand strong with such important issues which erode the very character of the town we know and love.

City officials must work together, fully reviewing current approval procedures and make all necessary recommendations, to prevent any similar future projects that clearly do not meet historical expectations. We must have a fair approval process which not only respects the rights of property owners, but also protects against those who have absolutely no concern other than financial gain from our historic treasures.

Suzanne M. Wellner