Letter: Do you have outrage fatigue?

To the Editor:

Do You Have Outrage Fatigue?

Most people do, at this point. The news from Washington D.C. is disturbing and disruptive, for everyone and for different reasons. However, I want to speak directly to the Resisters and Persisters!

Every day and every night there are meetings, planning committees, lectures, get-togethers, films, training sessions and a slew of emails and facebook posts to sort through. It is exhausting.

But there is one easy and direct action you can take: Vote Row A on Nov. 7.

Here is why: None, and I mean none of the Republican elected officials or candidates in Connecticut have publicly opposed or criticized the Trump Administration’s destructive actions. Rolling back our civil rights, smearing reputations at random, disrespecting members of the military, supporting racism and bigotry, denying funding to our states, etc., etc.

You ask “So why vote at all?” …. To Resist!

Question: Why vote for Row A?

Answer: Because that is the line for the Democratic Party.

Question: Why should I vote for the Democrats?

Answer: Because they are not working against you.

Question: Aren’t all politicians alike?

Answer: No.

In some cases you can check the candidates’ voting records. You can talk to any of the candidates either while they walk door-to-door, or by phone, or by email.

Ask direct questions about the issues you care about. Ask them if they support your concerns. And if they get elected, tell them what you want them to do.

This is the moment when all politics truly is local.

Row A: All the Way!

Don’t get tired: Get to the Polls!

Tessa Marquis