Letter: Do we need full-time congressional leaders?

To the Editor:

Do we need full-time congressional leaders and governors? The facts prove we don’t.  Congress only works 65-70 days a year and politicians seeking the presidency, for example (never mind re-election to their same offices), are away from their elected duties for untold days, months…See below.

The governors of New Jersey (Christie), Illinois (Kasick), Louisiana (Jindal) and Wisconsin (Walker- who subsequently dropped out) have all proved that we don’t need or have full time governors while they spend time in Iowa, New Hampshire, and soon South Carolina.

Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) missed 48% of the votes while campaigning. Seems outrageous, doesn’t it?  Apparently, Senator Marco Rubio (FL) agrees. He said it best when he stood up in the senate chambers not too long ago stating, and I’ll paraphrase, “If you don’t want to be here for all the votes, then don’t run for office.”

Unfortunately he did not heed his own advice. He missed 42% of the votes himself while campaigning for the presidency.

One exception is Bernie Sanders. According to reports, he didn’t miss any votes or very few.

In closing, Congress wonders why their approval rating is around 14%. Even when they are in DC, nothing ever gets done. Ask Trump.

Robert O. Blake, Sr.