Letter: Disappointed with steps to regulate marijuana

To the Planning & Zoning Board Members, City Aldermen and Mayor Blake:
I want to express my great disappointment in all elected officials for your lack of action to prevent the opening of [the West River Street medical marijuana] dispensary. I and my neighbors find it hard to believe that you all - with a very few exceptions - can be so insensitive to the interests of the residents in the immediate area. The lack of proactive attention many months ago to the city zoning regulations that could have prevented this particular location from qualifying is shocking. Action now on the proposed zoning changes is good for future sites but does nothing to address this particular location, which clearly is not appropriate by anyone's common sense.

Too little, too late. Asleep at the wheel. That's the way the over 200 petition signers and many others see it.

What have we seen from you, our elected officials, to protest or make any effort to stop this?  Precious little. If not for the efforts of the local area residents, this entire thing would slip through with virtually no notice. Presumably the way you wanted it. Business interests ahead of residents.

We believe there is still opportunity to stop this West River Street dispensary from opening — if you have the will and courage to find a suitable alternative location for Mr. DiFazio. We urge you to step up and do the right thing.

While not yet giving up on stopping this dispensary, I also want to remind you of more current events. Recreational marijuana is next. Now is the time to establish stronger zoning regulations in Milford that will prevent an existing medical marijuana dispensary from transitioning to a recreational marijuana outlet store. If a dispensary doesn't belong in a residential neighborhood, just think about an open marijuana retail sales facility. Now is the time to act before the state moves forward, overrides us and takes our options away.

It seems to us that since our voices do not drive action, our only recourse is our votes.

Jack M. Haas