Letter: Democrats say more women on ticket this year

To the Editor:

It’s a banner year for the Milford Democratic Party with an unprecedented number of female candidates on our ticket this year. Spurred by the recent presidential election, women across the nation have become politically energized. Here in Milford, we’ve welcomed many newcomers to our meetings and witnessed the arrival of local activist groups.

Recognizing an opportunity, our Town Committee sought to attract qualified women candidates.  As a result, we are extremely fortunate to have fifteen capable and talented women standing up to volunteer their time and effort for our community. This number is the highest in our party’s history here in Milford. I have received calls and messages from around the state excited to see the number of women candidates running for public office here in Milford. The diverse backgrounds and skills of these candidates create an incredibly strong team. Together they bring Doctorate Degrees, Master Degrees, degrees in accounting, law, education and more. We have attorneys and award-winning authors, educators, and former prosecutors with countless awards to their names.

The common theme shared on our entire ticket is a commitment to be more involved in our political process, to be more informed on the issues we face as a community and to give voice to those issues through participation. We are honored to have these women on our team.

Our friends in Fairfield actually have us beat!  Congratulations Fairfield where 57% of their slate are women.

Rich Smith

Democratic Town Chairman