Letter: DTC chair responds to housing comment

Editor's Note: Rich Smith's initial claim in the following letter that State Rep. Pam Staneski is on the Housing Committee is incorrect, so that comment has been removed from the letter.

To the Editor:

In a recent letter, Republican Paula Smith attacks Democrats, Senator Gayle Slossberg and Kim Rose, for not having done enough to turn back the effects of 830(g) in the State Legislature. She conveniently left out of her criticism Republican Representative Pam Staneski. The fact that she only singled out Democrats reveals her true motivation.

Further, during her time as an elected official, Paula is on record speaking out against 830(g) zero times. It might not come as a surprise then that it was not until she decided to run for mayor last year and decided the issue might get some play that she was suddenly inspired.

There were hearings on the issue of 830(g) in Hartford, open to anyone who wanted to speak. Did Paula Smith attend the hearings or offer testimony? Heck no. Had she bothered to she would have run into Mayor Blake who was there to speak out on the issue.

Finally, when Paula was asked during her campaign for Mayor what she would do to stop 830(g), she seemed surprised by the question; she next seemed completely unprepared. She replied, “I’d work with the developers.” I wanted to pass her a note: "Paula, no, it's the developers who are exploiting the law for personal profit. I’m not sure a call from you will replace the millions they would lose by not building."

So how seriously might one take Paula Smith’s “concern”. Based upon the evidence, not very.

Rich Smith