Letter: City Hall dome lit with rainbow colors of pride

To the Editor:

The community advocacy group Milford Speaks Out thanks Mayor Ben Blake for honoring our LGBTQ residents and friends by lighting the dome of Milford City Hall with the rainbow colors of pride.

Pride is traditionally celebrated each June to commemorate “Stonewall Riot” on June 28, 1969, when lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning persons rebelled against the extreme harassment of the New York Police Department, following a raid on the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar.

Pride symbolizes the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward LGBTQ people and celebrates each person’s right to be their authentic self with dignity and equal rights.

The original rainbow Pride flag was designed in 1978, when it was created by San Francisco-based artist Gilbert Baker. It has variously had six, seven or eight colored stripes over the past 40 years.

Each color has a different meaning.

  • Red for life

  • Orange for healing

  • Yellow for sunlight

  • Green for nature

  • Indigo for harmony and peace

  • Purple for spirit

  • Additional colors are often added to the pride flag, with pink representing sexuality and turquoise standing for art and magic.

While Cyndi Lauper’s song “True Colors” was not written about gay pride, it was later adopted as a symbolic song for LGBTQ people’s right to freely represent their true selves.

Stop by Milford City Hall some evening this month to admire the variegated display of light and hope in support of the international LGBTQ community and Allies

Milford Speaks Out

Steering Committee