Letter: Candidates should forego campaign signs

To the Editor:

I just read a letter to the editor from West Milford, N.J. (because my Google Alerts is not properly excluding other states). The writers pledge that “The few signs we will be placing will be on individual properties that owners have given us permission to do so. […] And we will not be littering your mailbox with campaign material.”

In Milford campaigners are not allowed to put signs on private property without permission (or on public property at all) and it is totally illegal to put campaign materials on or in mailboxes.

I suppose seeing your name on a sign is thrilling, but my last name is rather "common" so I don't really need the publicity. Anyway, all those names are lost in a flimsy forest of signs, cluttering the landscape, ineffective and hardly informative.

Last election someone came into my yard to smear feces on my candidate signs. No, I don’t know if it was dog or human excrement. Does it matter?

So, I have a simple statement that doesn’t require so many signs: Vote Row A.

Essentially that is a vote for the Democratic ticket. It is a vote against the unapologetic local supporters of the Trump Administration. It is a vote for healthcare, civil rights, equal education opportunities, environmentalism, and a slew of humanist causes.

That’s it. Just “Vote Row A.”

It is a short message and no landscapes have been harmed.

Mike Brown