Letter: Beckwith urges GOP votes to 'turn great state around'

To the Editor:

With last week’s news of another 5,200 jobs lost in Connecticut, more businesses leaving our state, deficits as far as the eye can see, and with two historical billion-dollar tax increases, Connecticut is in an economic mess and it’s thanks to the failed leadership of Dan Malloy and his majority party in Hartford.

On Nov. 8 voters in the 117th, 118th, 119th General Assembly Districts, and the 14th State senatorial district will have the chance to help put a team together that will begin to put Connecticut on the road to economic recovery.

It starts by re-electing Representative’s Pam Staneski 119th and Charles Ferraro 117th who have fought against Malloy’s huge tax increases and careless budget gimmicks that hurt our most needy citizens. We need to elect Rick Varrone to the 118th House seat, a small business owner who understands how to create jobs by making Connecticut business friendly again. And electing Pat Libero to the State Senate. A leader who will put you, her constituents, first and not her political career. Who will work to make schools stronger, protect open space from unwanted development and lower needless state spending.

Forty years of one party rule in the State Legislature has resulted in Connecticut being last or near last in many economic indicators. It’s time to turn this great state around and tell Dan Malloy, and his allies, we want our jobs, our businesses, and our state back. Vote Row B.

Paul Beckwith