Letter: Another 8-30g application coming to Milford

To the Editor:

Another 8-30g application is making its way through the Parsons Building. The owners of 132-140 Monroe Street want to build nine units on about a half-acre of property.

What has been happening in Hartford over the past six years? Nothing. Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-14) is ineffectual in dealing with the 8-30g Affordable Housing statute – she is an obstructionist in ushering through relief for our neighborhoods.

Legislative sessions in 2015 and 2016 included relief for communities dealing with the unintended consequences of 8-30g (spearheaded by State Rep. Pam Staneski and a heavily bipartisan team). In 2015, Slossberg derailed legislation intended to modify the statute. Another attempt in 2016 was derailed with Slossberg attaching several rats to the Senate version of another bipartisan House bill – knowing her majority party warned her the bill would be rejected if she modified it. State Rep. Kim Rose (D-118), vice-chairman of the Housing Subcommittee with oversight of 8-30g, is ineffectual in reining in Sen. Slossberg or garnering partisan majority support for 8-30g relief.

In spite of another two years of no action, Slossberg has arranged a “panel discussion” on 8-30g and Milford historical neighborhoods 10 days before the election. Coincidence? I think not. The organizers state this is not a “political debate” but a “discussion,” as it relates to historic preservation and affordable housing.

Slossberg and Rose will be in full spin cycle explaining why they have made zero progress – with their democrat majority in both houses.

It is time for a change folks.

Paula Smith